What happens when an Artificial Intelligence fed with thousands of trip reports encounters a new input? In this section, you can discover the imaginative and hallucinatory stories created by Ai Lai when a user has submitted the title of a song she would listen to during a psychedelic trip, both through the Interface section or on the occasion of the artist residency that took place at Libreria Bodoni - Spazio B in Turin.

Each text produced was reviewed and analyzed by artist Roberto Fassone in search of images, suggestions, and meanings to compose the imagery of the multifaceted work And we thought. And don't be surprised if you will find some stories generated from the same song: just as with the human imagination, by repeating the generative action on the same title, Ai Lai was able to create imaginative nuances that Fassone has chosen to cherish. Walkthrough the archive to explore the stories and the treasures they contain.